Use Cases

How the Abstract Scorecard Meets Your Needs

Associations, Universities, Hospitals, Corporations, and more rely on the Abstract Scorecard for their submissions and reviews programs.

Covers Programs of All Shapes and Sizes

Submissions & Review Software General Uses

Organizations use the Scorecard for all kinds of submissions and reviews. Here are just a few use cases that our clients have found.

  • Abstract Submissions & Review
  • Call for Papers
  • Awards Submissions & Reviews
  • Grant Submissions & Reviews

  • Elections/Nominations
  • Accreditations
  • Call for Reviewers

Events, Meetings & Conferences

Event professionals use the Scorecard to collect and review information from multiple participants. Take a look:

  • Collect Presentation Topics
  • Review Speaker Abstracts
  • Select Topics & Presentations

  • Communicate Final Decisions
  • Call for Topics
  • Award Submissions


Associations use the Scorecard for more than just meetings. Here's a few cases where they've used the Scorecard for other year-round activities:

  • Grants Submissions
  • AMS Integrations


Universities use the Scorecard to collect student applications, grants, and more.

  • Student Applications
  • Grant Reviews
  • Publication Submissions

How Scorecard Helped ASQ

Jessica Miller
American Society for Quality

"I have been working with CadmiumCD since 2013 and couldn't be happier! The products, the service, and the constant improvements being made to systems are always great! Whenever I have a question or request, it is almost guaranteed it gets a response (if not a resolution) that same day. Working with the CadmiumCD products and staff have made my job a great deal easier!"

More Case Studies

  • 1,500
  • Submissions
  • 30
  • Reviewers
  • 50
  • Hours Saved
The CadmiumCD Difference

The Abstract Scorecard is designed to cut down the time it takes to manage and review submissions from call for submissions, grants, and awards programs. Each project comes assigned with a project manager to help set up each Scorecard to fit processes you already have in place.

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Alicia Navarro is a confrence services content & technology coordinator at the American Library Association.

"I have been using CadmiumCD's new app Missions feature since it launched. Missions puts the app building control in my hands, allowing me to get a jump start well in advance. I love how Missions has streamlined the app set-up experience for me. The interface is intuitive and simple to navigate, with helpful explanations. Having all of my app information in a single place is much easier than trying to hunt down a bunch of emails or Boomerangs from months ago. Even more valuable is the Mission Completed email the system sends listing all your responses. Missions is an easy-to-use feature that corrals all of the basic app information in a single location, allowing both the client and the PM to be on the same page from the get-go."

Kris Leotti — ACG


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