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Welcome to the PAPS 2020 Abstract Submission Site!

Please use this form to upload your scientific abstract for the 2020 PAPS meeting in Tainan. Select the type of presentation you prefer; oral, video, or display poster only. All abstracts must follow the following format; Purpose - Method - Results - Conclusion. You may upload two media files to enhance your submission (pictures, figures, tables, etc). IMPORTANT: Please rename each with a filename that is easy to follow (for example figure 1 referenced in your abstract has the filename figure1.jpg and table 2 has the filename table2.pdf).

Guidelines - Oral Presentations

Select this option if you would like your abstract considered for an oral podium presentation. Abstracts may be awarded an oral presentation, quick short oral presentation, or poster presentation. A peer-reviewed scoring process will determine which abstracts get selected to each level.

Guidelines - Video Presentations

New techniques, clever surgical tricks, or interesting cases can be submitted as a video presentation. The video should be complete and stand on its own from start to finish. Video presentations must include both the written abstract plus video. The abstract MUST be narrated in English. Please do not submit videos without narration. Video formats accepted include avi, mov, or mp4 only. Total video time is limited to 4 minutes and file size limit is 250MB.

Guidelines - Poster Presentations

If you do not want to be considered for an oral podium presentation, you can select a poster ONLY designation. These abstracts will still be reviewed and scored. If accepted, your poster will be on display for one day of the meeting but no oral presentation will be required.


Trainees, residents, and medical students may wish to have their ORAL abstract considered for the PAPS prize in either clinical or basic science. To be eligible, you must first be a trainee (you will be required to include a letter from your program confirming your status as a student, resident, or trainee). You must also select the Oral Presentation category. Once submitted, the next requirement is that your abstract is awarded a full oral presentation. Abstracts selected for quick shot oral or poster presentation will not be eligible for the PAPS prize. Videos are not eligible either. The next important criteria is that a trainee MUST be the presenter. Abstracts written and submitted by trainees but presented by a fully trained surgeon will be disqualified from the competition. After your abstract has been accepted as an oral presentation, you will be asked to submit a paper on your abstract. The paper submission portal will open in late January. You do not need to submit your paper until that portal opens. Eligible candidates will be notified. You will have until early February to submit your paper. If you do not submit a paper, you can still present your abstract but you will no longer be eligible for the PAPS Prize.

Final Instructions

Please create or login to your account and select the appropriate abstract type. Additional fields will open to allow you to submit your abstract and media files to supplement your abstract. For technical issues related to the submission website, please use the TECHNICAL SUPPORT button in the top right corner. For QUESTIONS about abstract content, please

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