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This is the PAPS 2020 Abstract and Manuscript Submission Site!


1) Confirmation of Attendance

The PAPS Meeting originally scheduled for Tainan in April was postponed until November 8-12, 2020. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the meeting cannot take place in person even after the postponement. But the good news is we have converted the 53rd PAPS meeting into a Virtual format. The dates will still be Nov 8-12. A revised schedule will be posted on the website soon. Please be aware your presentation date and time may change slightly. However, we will need you to LOGIN HERE once again to CONFIRM your participation. This portal will re-open to confirm attendance on August 1st. Please complete this sooner rather than later. But you MUST respond by October 15th or your presentation may be discarded.

2) Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations will presented at your specified time during the LIVE Zoom meeting. New dates and times will be sent soon. All presenters for a given session are expected to be on the zoom meeting during their session as questions may be directed to you. You can present your talk and slides live or you may create a pre-recorded video presentation. We recommend doing it live, especially if you are competing for the PAPS Prize. The moderator will help you and you can share your screen to show your slides. Detailed instructions will be sent to you soon and will also be available on our website . Videos may be shown in a similar manner or we may have them simply stored as weblinks to Youtube. That decision is pending and we will update video presenters as soon as possible.

3) Posters and Quick-Shot Presentations

Posters and quick-shot oral presentations will become Audio PDFs'. You will be asked to upload a PDF to the Event Pilot app for either a 2 minute audio for posters)or 3 minute audio for quick shots. The upload is NOT through this site. Instructions will be coming soon.

4) Manuscript Submission: Oral presentation presenters that submitted a manuscript for publication to Journal of Pediatric Surgery are now under review. The final decisions on manuscript will be announced at the PAPS 2020 virtual meeting in November.

5) PAPS Prize for TRAINEES

Trainees, residents, and medical students who had their abstract accepted for the PAPS Prize competition will be scored for their presentations during the PAPS Prize competition at the meeting. You MUST present to win the prize.

For technical issues related to the submission website, please use the TECHNICAL SUPPORT button in the top right corner. For QUESTIONS about abstract content, please