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Welcome to the Call for Abstracts for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry 2019

You will be using this site to prepare submissions for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) 2019. The meeting details are:
A Message from the Annual Meeting Program Chair
Academy president Rebecca Brendel, MD, JD, FACLP, has chosen the 2019 meeting theme, The Future of the Subspecialty, a topic which, I am sure, will serve as a springboard for many exciting presentations and a great meeting. As always, submissions that cover important and interesting areas of consultation-liaison psychiatry are welcome. Preference, however, will be given for submissions that align with the meeting theme. This area is not limited to and may include many areas including clinical care, administration and education.

We look forward to your submissions.

Madeleine Becker, MD, FACLP
CLP 2019 Scientific Program Chair

Review of Submission Process
The Annual Meeting Program Committee is dedicated to assembling the highest-quality educational program for our attendees. Each year, the best-received sessions are those in which attendees learn information relevant to their work in a lively, engaging environment. In the spirit of continuous improvement we encourage all potential presenters to incorporate emerging knowledge about how adults learn to better engage their audience. This includes considering Socratic teaching methods and other forms of audience participation, flipped classrooms, and case-based instruction.

The abstract submission should be structured in such a way that it will be clear to potential participants how your session will enhance their knowledge incorporating the tenets of adult learning theory. It may also be helpful to utilize part of your abstract submission to breakdown timing of your presentation. For example, 5 minutes introduction; 20 minutes didactic presentation on topic; 15 minutes case-based discussion with utilization of audience response system, etc.

Keep in mind that the academic quality of the meeting continues to rise, making the competition for speaking slots rather high. Less than half of oral paper and session submissions will be accepted, and many good submissions must be declined. Please take extra care to make your abstract clear, rigorous, and engaging—it is the only information by which the Program Committee can judge your work.

IMPORTANT NOTE; PLEASE READ THIS: To provide the greatest breadth of presenters at CLP 2019 while keeping the high quality of the meeting's content, we will have the following limits on presentations:
  • Each workshop/symposium/general session can have a maximum of FIVE (5) speakers, including moderator and discussants.
  • A single person may only be listed on a total of FOUR (4) non-poster submissions as a presenter/moderator of a preconference course or general session or lead author/presenter of an oral paper. Please be sure to check with all potential co-authors to ensure that they are aware that they are being named as part of the session to help us maintain this limit. The system is unable to filter submissions, so this will be on an honor system. However, this will be reviewed at the acceptance stage.
  • A single person may only be listed as the first author on a total of THREE (3) poster submissions. Posters MUST be presented by the first author, and if the first author is unable to present, must be withdrawn or authorship re-ordered.
CLP 2019 Resources
Click here for detailed submission instructions
Click here to read the CLP 2019 Speaker's Agreement
Submission Instructions for Oral Paper and Poster Abstracts
Click here for guidance on CLP Oral Papers
Click here for guidance on CLP Posters
Click here for CLP's Case Report Requirements
Click here for guidance on CLP General Sessions
Tips for Writing Learning Objectives
Click here to read Writing Multiple Choice Questions
A good resource for writing an abstract: Indian J Psychiatry (via US National Library of Medicine)

Submissions deadline: 11:59 pm EDT on Monday, April 1, 2019
A submission must be complete, including disclosure filings from all associated speakers/authors, before it can be accepted for review - No exceptions. The deadline is firm and will not be extended.

It is the responsibility of the submitter to notify all co-authors or co-speakers of the requirement to complete disclosure reporting. For questions, please first start by reviewing the detailed submission instructions linked above.

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