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Welcome to the APQC 2024 Conference Submission Site!

We are pleased you will submit an abstract for consideration. All proposals must be submitted no later than October 6, 2023. By submitting a proposal for consideration, you agree that if selected, you will be available to present during APQC's 2024 Conference, May 1-2.

  • Speakers will be notified November 7, 2023.
  • Pre-recording of your presentation may be required the week of March 25-29.
  • Final PowerPoint presentation must be submitted by April 11, 2024.

An outstanding application typically includes a compelling real-life example of an organization’s journey, application with takeaways, techniques or tactics, and opportunities for participant interaction.

Information You Will Need to Submit
For the most efficient use of your time, please review the submission guidelines before you begin.

Complete Tasks
1. Presenter(s) (optional Co-presenter)

  • Presenter(s) contact information - max two presenters; you will not be able to add co-presenters once you are selected
  • Presentation title
  • Presenter(s) photo
  • Presenter(s) bio
  • Presenter(s) speaking experience
  • Presenter permissions

2. Session Information

  • Session Types, Tracks & Topics - select one
    1. Share your organizations KM/PPM improvement story
    2. Teach a skill or technique
    3. Facilitate a conversation or problem solving session
    4. Showcase a technology, tool or implementation
    5. Reveal out of the box KM / PPM thinking
  • Session overview - used for marketing on the event website
  • Details - what did you do and why did you do it?
  • Business results

3. Learning Objectives

4. Additional Information

5. Participant Terms & Conditions

Review the FAQ's Submission Site Help instructions. Then, select New Users Create Profile below to get started. After you Create Profile, on the next visit to this site, use Already a User Login


Questions? Conference Contact: Nancy Troxel -