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InfoSec World 2024 Call for Presentations

Thank you for considering submitting a proposal to speak at Infosec World 2024! The majority of the Infosec World agenda is constructed from responses to our open and public Call for Presentations, which are evaluated and selected by our independent content committee. We are grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise. Before submitting your proposal, a few things:

The practice of cybersecurity has gotten more challenging in the last few months. Regulations and laws have been instituted requiring organizations to report “material” threat/breaches incidents within four days, as well as reporting on their risk management, strategies and governance efforts. CISOs and their teams are under more scrutiny than ever before, all the while having to do more with less personnel (due to layoffs) and increases in attacks from bad actors and nation/states.

Integrity is becoming a larger concern as practitioners and organizations look for the “right way” to deal with such issues, instead of pointing fingers or passing the blame. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy.

The conference program for Infosec World 2024 will examine these issues and concerns, as well as outside factors such as global and business economic changes that can affect security, diversity concerns and team building and doing more with less.

In getting a submission started, you’ll want to be prepared with a title, an abstract, and some basic details about the presenter(s) — read on for more details. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your proposal!

We want the best presenters and are interested in hearing what you have to say. Please remember that Infosec World is an industry conference. Our attendees won’t tolerate product pitches or vendor-biased content. Infosec World 2024 will operate as an in-person event; presentations will be delivered in person at the conference venue. Some proposals may be selected for additional blog, podcast, or webinar coverage outside of the main agenda.

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, February 26, 2024 - 11:59 pm Pacific Time
Acceptance Notification: Week of April 22, 2024

To get your submission started, create an account below and complete the details as requested. If you need more information about what to submit, please review our guidance. You’re welcome to submit multiple proposals; and if you’ve already started a submission that you need to finish, or completed a submission but need to make changes, please log back in below.

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