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Submission Deadline: March 31, 2024

Authors are encouraged to submit proposals for current topics of interest for pharmacists, lawyers, and business and compliance representatives. We provide some suggested topics below, but proposals on other current, relevant topics are encouraged. We also ask that you consider proposing session formats other than lecture/panel. ASPL requests that no more than two individuals present per session. Those wanting more presenters must provide justification for the need of additional speakers. Rooms will be set in classroom style with a podium and two chairs/table. Those presenters requesting other setups must submit their desired room setups with their proposals. Not all requests will be guaranteed. The Review Committee will take these requests into consideration and work to implement them if possible. Suggested topics:

  • The impact of telehealth arrangements and platforms on pharmacy today and tomorrow
  • Policy and legal solutions to address drug shortages
  • Compliance considerations for pharmacies a la the DSCSA
  • The future of supply chain security and safety (e.g., importation, counterfeit drugs)
  • The DEA’s Suspicious Orders Final Rule (if out)
  • The DEA’s potential rescheduling of marijuana from Schedule I to III and potentially other drugs (e.g., Xylazine)
  • An overview of consolidation (vertical and horizonal) trends in the pharmaceutical supply chain and legal considerations for pharmacy lawyers to understand
  • Assessing FDA’s authority following recent SCOTUS cases (hopefully the opinions will be out by then)
  • Access to Mifepristone (Supreme Court decision pending 2024)
  • Pharmacy working conditions legislation and boards of pharmacy regulation and enforcement(What are the various laws/regs across the country; What kind of enforcement are we seeing among boards of pharmacy; Of these laws/regs, what is helping improve working conditions; What isn’t; Best practices for attorneys in advising clients to comply with these laws/regs; What are the problems pharmacies are seeing in complying with these laws/regs; How do we help our clients engage in conversations with their pharmacists to ensure improved working conditions; If increased pharmacist scope of practice and decreased reimbursement is here to stay, what tactics can pharmacies utilize to decrease workload and improve working conditions)
  • FDA Importation
  • Case regarding Florida to import Canadian drugs - change to Canadian Drug Importation
  • DCSCA compliance – enforcement issues after 2024
  • ACA 1557 Regulations
  • Pharma Failures
  • Changes to 340B Program and considerations for contract pharmacies
  • Recent & future Part D changes and their impact on pharmacies
  • Novel pharmacy reimbursement arrangements
  • Ethics of semaglutide compounding/prescribing; ketamine compounding
  • Impact of technology and generative AI on practice of pharmacy
  • Separating fact from fiction regarding advanced home delivery/mail order pharmacy services
  • Compliance considerations for drug wholesalers and 3PLs (DSCSA and state licensing laws)
  • Compliance issues unique to pharmacies who also hold drug wholesaler and 3PL licenses
  • Impact of Inflation Reduction Act on prescription drug costs and access
  • Legal trends impacting mail order pharmacy
  • Legal trends impacting 503b facilities and the impact of FDA’s decisions to add or remove APIs from the bulk list
  • Other topics

Submission Requirements
Each abstract should be:
  • related to those who have at least 3 years in the industry. Must be at an Intermediate or Advanced Level with an in-depth focus on a topic rather than a general overview.
  • a 50-minute presentation by one or more speakers, with 10 minutes for Question & Answer;
  • 300 words or less;
  • include a short (50 word) biography; and
  • four learning objectives (learning objectives must be written from the learner's perspective. What will the learner be able to do after hearing your presentation?)
  • Provide a list of recent speaking engagements. Presenters with speaking engagements on industry related topics in the previous 3 years will be given additional consideration. New speakers are encouraged to submit abstracts.

Requirements for Selected Presenters
Each presenter must:
  • confirm acceptance of the invitation to present in-person:
  • confirm final presentation summary for inclusion in the registration materials before July 1, 2024;
  • complete and sign a Financial Relationship Disclosure Statement and a Conflict of Interest Declaration by July 1, 2024;
  • register for the conference on or before October 1, 2024;
  • submit a final PowerPoint presentation by September 27, 2024 for committee review and agree to work with committee on updating presentation suggestions; and
  • attend in-person and participate fully in the conference.

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