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Welcome to the Plant Biology 2023 Submission Portal!

Please Note: We have updated our process for PB2023, so please read the instructions below carefully as the terminology and steps have changed since last year.

  • March 8, 2023 is the deadline for individuals to submit an abstract to be considered for a concurrent symposium talk. Abstracts not selected for a concurrent symposium talk or received after this deadline will automatically be selected to present a poster.
  • July 5, 2023 is the deadline for poster-only abstract submissions.

    Abstracts should be submitted in the provided text box in the step-by-step abstract submission process (we are not accepting abstracts via email). Submissions cannot be over 300 words and may not include any graphics or tabular material. You do not have to be an ASPB member to submit an abstract. Please create a Cadmium account using the link below or log in using your existing Cadmium username and password. After starting your abstract submission, your work is saved each time you click the Save or Continue button. If you log back in, you can start where you last left off.

    All presenters (concurrent symposium presenters, workshops organizers, and poster presenters) must register to attend the meeting, so please register by July 5, 2023 at the following website: We expect registration to open late February.

    Submission Instructions:
    Independent Abstract: Any abstract that is being submitted for consideration for a concurrent symposium talk and/or poster not associated with an existing symposium. Most abstract submissions fall into this category.
  • Please log in below or create a new account.
  • Once you have logged in, begin a new submission and answer all questions associated with the submission.

    Community Proposed Symposium Abstract: Any abstract that has been pre-approved by a symposium chair for a speaker invited to submit as part of an existing symposium. This applies to only a small number of abstract submissions.
  • Please do not submit via this site. Otherwise, your abstract will be included in the independent abstract group and may not be accepted.
  • Find the email your concurrent symposium chair has sent you with the subject line “Submission Information Requested”.

    For more information on Plant Biology 2023, please visit the Plant Biology 2023 website.

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    Questions? Please contact the Plant Biology Speaker Manager: Katie Hathaway -