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Welcome to the 2020 AIA Kentucky Honor Awards Program

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The Honor Awards Program of AIA Kentucky, the Kentucky Society of Architects, seeks to honor and bring to public attention distinctive works of architecture created by Kentucky AIA Architect Members. For over 50 years, the program has been dedicated to:
  • recognizing and applauding works of architecture exhibiting design excellence, and
  • promoting public awareness and appreciation of the diversity, quality and scope of Kentucky architecture.
The Kentucky Society’s “Honor Award for Achievement of Excellence in Architectural Design” is the highest professional honor bestowed upon a Kentucky architect by his or her peers, and it distinguishes the architect as one who is dedicated to making architecture the best it can be.

The following requirements shall be adhered to in the preparation of submissions to the 2020 AIA Kentucky Honor Awards Program. Responsibility for compliance rests with the entrant, and entries submitted incorrectly may be disqualified.

An entry must be a work of architecture completed after January 1, 2010 and prior to June 1, 2020 and may be:
  • a building
  • a complex of buildings forming a single project
  • a park or plaza
  • a mall
  • a new interior design project
Eligible projects include:
  • any project built anywhere in the world designed by a Kentucky AIA Architect Member, or
  • any project built in Kentucky and designed by any AIA Architect Member licensed to practice in Kentucky at the time of the project’s completion.
Any entry submitted in a previous AIA Kentucky Honor Awards Program and not accorded recognition may be entered again in the 2020 program, provided that the project was completed within the prescribed dates.

  • Entry Fee: $160 per project
  • The entry must be submitted by an AIA Member Architect. The AIA member number must be verified.
  • All entries will be submitted online and work may continue on the entry until the submission deadline.
  • Entrants may submit more than one project. Each entry will be assigned a unique entry number that should accompany the submission.
  • AIA Kentucky reserves the right to review the submission for compliance with submission rules. Non-compliance may result in rejection of the entry without refund of the entry fee.
  • Entry materials will not be returned. The entrant’s signature constitutes written permission for AIA Kentucky to use submission materials for publication and Chapter archival purposes.
  • Winning entrants will be required to provide to AIA Kentucky, at their own cost, any photographs, slides, digital images and written materials needed for publicity purposes. We will publish an announcement in leading area publications highlighting all the winners.
  • All entry fees and submission forms must be completed through our online registration system at, by 10 p.m. EST on Friday, June 5, 2020. The submission deadline date will be strictly observed, with no exception.
  • Awards will be presented on Friday, September 18, 2020 during the AIA Kentucky/Indiana Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.
Honor Awards Program entries for 2020 may be submitted in a variety of categories, allowing the Jury to differentiate between projects of various types and scales. When submitting your project, you must specify which category best describes your project:
  • Small Project Award — less than $1M
  • New Construction — less than $5M
  • New Construction — greater than $5M and less than $15M
  • New Construction — greater than $15M
  • Additions/Renovations/Restoration —less than $5M
  • Additions/Renovations/Restoration —greater than $5M
  • Unbuilt Work – An Unbuilt entry may be any commissioned or non-commissioned project, and may be any building design, interior architecture, restoration or urban design/planning project for which the documentation has been complete since January 1, 2010.
    • Commissioned Projects: Projects selected to pursue. May be owner commissioned, not yet built or abandoned, or projects selected to complete for a design competition, not yet built or abandoned. Construction must not have commenced prior to the deadline for receipt of entries.
    • Non-commissioned projects: The intent of this award category is to welcome ideas and work of practicing architects and architectural educators throughout Kentucky. The project may be academic, a design competition entry executed in direct response to an organized design or entry requirement, or theoretical / research projects submitted in the interest of advancement in the profession.
The Jury will be encouraged to recognize Honor, Merit and/or Citation Award status in any or all of these categories. In addition, the 10 measures of AIA’s Framework for Design Excellence will be used as evaluation criteria.

List the key participants in the design team and their specific role (architect of record, other architect, etc.) as well as engineers and other consultants, in the firm section. Note: Please enter other architectural firms or consultants under the title Firm(s) and indicate their specific role i.e., architect of record, structural engineer, general contractor, project owner, photographer, etc.

All relevant project team information MUST be provided, and we urge absolute accuracy since the data will be used as provided on publicity materials, award certificates, and in the printed brochure of winners. Any errors or omissions will be responsibility of the entrant. AIA Kentucky will not be responsible for misrepresentation, breaches of agreement or conflicts of interest.

All submission forms, file uploads and payment fees will be handled through our online submission site. After creating an account, you may begin working on your forms and uploading the required files. You can save your work as you go and return to the site as needed, but all submission materials and entry fee payments must be complete and submitted by the submission deadline, which is 10:00 p.m. on June 5.

Project / Jury Power Point
All descriptive information, drawings and photographs are to be compiled and submitted using a PowerPoint Template, which entrants will download and complete. The restrictions for this document have been significantly relaxed from previous years, to allow more creative freedom in the submittal process. As such, PowerPoint submittals shall conform to only the following requirements:
  • The total size for each entry – all slides included – may not exceed 10 MB.
  • Each submission may contain a maximum of 13 slides, including the Title Slide and two Project Description Slides. At your discretion, you may submit individual images on separate slides, or arrange multiple elements in layout on a slide.
  • Please remember you must conceal reference to the architecture firm or design team members on all slides/images submitted for jury review. Identification of project authorship within the PowerPoint, including the file naming convention, will disqualify the submission. The PowerPoint file name shall be only the entry code assigned by the submission site.
  • Each PowerPoint entry shall contain the following:
    • Slide 1 – Cover Page containing only the Honor Awards logo and your entry number.
    • Slides 2 & 3 – Provide project information including entry ID #, location, submission category, synopsis of program and solution, etc., as applicable to the prompts provided. As part of this synopsis, discuss how the project addresses applicable measures of AIA’s Framework for Design Excellence..
    • Subsequent Slides (4-13) – Visuals: Include images along with additional, succinct annotation. The format and design of these pages are at the entrant’s discretion. However, all pages should remain in landscape orientation.

      Please include photographs, drawings, floor plans, elevations, sections, renderings and graphic images as necessary to provide a clear understanding of the extent and quality of the finished project.
Image Guidelines
Due to the maximum PPT file size of 10 MB, a maximum resolution of 150 dpi is recommended. Higher res image files are unnecessary and will slow down the jury process.

The images may either be color or black and white. Images may not be manipulated or enhanced in any way that changes the building itself. Removal of power lines or other obstructions is acceptable as long as there is no enhancement of the building as it appears in its current built form as a result. Sky replacements/enhancements, removal or transformation of building surfaces, materials, and mechanical/electrical appurtenances is not permitted.

Remove any firm identification from all images and drawings. The identity of the client should be concealed in all written documents and visual images, with the exception of signage in photographs. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in disqualification of the entry.

Minimum of three (3). Drawings should indicate scale graphically. At least one (1) each of the following are required:
  • Site plan showing project and its immediate environs
  • Floor plan(s) sufficient to explain the solutions
  • Section(s) sufficient to explain the solutions
The following building images are suggested:

Exterior Views
  • One or more views of each exposed side of the building and environs
  • One or more additional views showing immediate environs if not shown in other slides
  • For a group of buildings, one or more views of the project sufficient to illustrate the concept, including relationship to its environs.
  • For extended use projects involving exterior alterations, one or more views of the pre-design condition (if available).
  • Exterior views are optional for Interiors projects.
Interior Views
  • Views sufficient to reflect the project’s solutions
DON’T FORGET… The maximum number of image slides is 10. The total number of slides allowed in PPT is 13 (including first three slides described above) and the maximum PPT file size should not exceed 10 MB. If your file exceeds this limit, please resize it to this range.

THANK YOU for your interest and participation in the 2020 AIA Kentucky Honor Awards. Best of luck!