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Decorative Northeast Regional Honors Conference Call for Proposals
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Welcome to the NRHC 2024 Proposal Submission Site

Welcome to the proposal submission portal! As you embark on this creative process, please consider the following steps and guidelines:
Step 1—Study the conference theme. The conference theme provides some context for the conference and creates opportunities for dialogue. Do try to connect your proposal to the theme, but if you cannot make that connection, don’t let that prevent you from submitting a proposal! This is a good time to set up a meeting with an honors director or faculty member to discuss potential ideas. You can access the 2024 conference theme here.

Step 2—Choose your presentation format. Choose between an academic panel presentation, poster presentation, roundtable, idea exchange, or art gallery/performance submission. Which format is best for you? If you can’t decide, ask your honors director or mentor for guidance.

Step 3—If you are proposing a panel presentation, poster, or roundtable, review the strand descriptions. Select which strand best fits your idea. View our archive of recent conference presentations for ideas and inspiration.
Step 4—Write the proposal. Come up with an intriguing title that clearly states your project’s intent and makes a connection to the theme, if possible. Your project summary, or proposal, should be no more than 300 words. Use an objective, third-person voice. Include relevant statistics and data. And be sure to state the goal of your project—what will the audience learn? The evaluation rubric we use can be found here at the bottom of the page.

Step 5—Get your honors director's approval. Your director will receive a copy of the confirmation email and will be able to preview the submission. Please follow up with your director to confirm that they have received and approve of your submission. The final deadline is Monday, November 20th, 2023.

Step 6—Proposal notifications will be sent out Friday, December 15th, 2023.
Remember, it is important to gain the guidance and support of your honors director, faculty member, or mentor. When approaching them to discuss participation in NRHC, be sure to also ask about financial support (how much funding does your honors program give to students who are accepted or chosen to go to NRHC).

If your proposal isn’t accepted, you may still register to attend NRHC. Of course, you should receive permission from your honors program director if you would like the trip to be funded by your institution.

You will be using this form to provide your contact information and your required submission details for review. Click Join Now below to begin.

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