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2019 Wood Design & Building Awards

The Wood Design & Building Awards program invites North American and International entries for 2019 -honouring excellence in wood architecture.

Entries should consist of building projects that show a wide range of wood product applications and demonstrate an understanding of the special qualities of wood, such as strength, durability, beauty and cost-effectiveness.

All projects completed in the period between January 1st, 2014 and November 15th, 2019 are eligible for entry [except previous winning projects of the Wood Design & Building Awards].

A jury of prominent architects from Canada and the U.S. will review all entries based on various considerations such as creativity, appropriate use of wood materials in satisfying clients’ building and site requirements and innovative design.The judging will take place on December 6th and the results will be announced early January, 2020 .

Honor, Merit and Citation awards will be given at the discretion of the jury. Framed Award certificates and one copy of the 2019-20 Celebrating Excellence in Wood Architecture will be distributed in the fall of 2020 to the winners.

Projects can be submitted in the following categories:

Category 1
Non-residential – Institutional
Non-residential – Commercial Small & Large

The Non-residential Category includes offices, shopping centers, restaurants, stores, churches, motels, hotels, schools, libraries, recreational buildings, fire halls, medical clinics, hospitals, storage facilities, research laboratories, factories and warehouses.

Category 2
Residential – Single Family
Residential – Multi Family

The Residential Category includes single-family detached dwellings and multi-family projects such as duplexes, garden homes, apartments, condominiums, dormitories, low-cost housing and seniors’ residences.

Category 3
Architectural Interiors

The Architectural Interior Design Category includes the significant use of wood finishing in any type of building interior.

Category 4

The Remodeled Buildings Category may involve modifications to the building exterior, interior or both. Kitchen and bathroom modifications alone are not eligible, nor are single room improvements that do not include structural changes. Landscaping projects and other outdoor works are eligible, however, the use of wood should have architectural merit.

Category 5
International Building

The International Building Category includes all buildings both non-residential and residential that were built outside of North America.

Category 6
Other – Exterior Structures, Bridges etc.

Sponsorship Categories

All submitted projects will automatically be considered (if applicable) for Special Awards: the SFI Sponsorship Award, Real Cedar Sponsorship Award, Sansin Award, Prairie Awards and the Canadian Wood Council Award.
  • SFI Sponsorship Award – presented to a project (either residential or non-residential) that utilizes products certified to the SFI standard.
  • Real Cedar Sponsorship Award – presented to a project (either residential or non-residential) that utilizes real cedar products.
  • Sansin Award – presented to a project that utilizes Sansin products for wood finishing.

  • Prairie Wood Design Awards – Celebrating wood projects in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan that demonstrate excellence in wood design and architecture. Sponsored by Alberta Wood WORKS! (a program of the Canadian Wood Council).

  • Canadian Wood Council Award – presented to a project (either residential or non-residential) that showcases excellence and innovation in wood design.

  • Early Bird Discount applicable to all entries completed by November 1, 2019.

    Regular Entry Fees:
  • First Entry - $175.00 USD
  • Subsequent Entries - $165.00 USD
Deadline to Submit: November 26, 2019 at midnight PST

Please note that you can start your submission and come back to edit or update it before the deadline date.

Note: Projects whose main structural components use treelike tropical/semitropical grasses such as bamboo are not eligible for submission.

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