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Questions? Organizer: Jessika Baker -

Those working in the procurement and supply chain profession are strategic partners within the business. At the core delivering cost savings as well as developing, managing, and delivering quality supply needs. But business and consumer goals evolve, and the supply management profession is playing a key role in driving innovation, ESG initiatives and revenue growth. There is a whole new world of possibilities with increasing demands and unforeseen challenges. ISM World 2022 will provide each attendee with a view of the possibilities the future could hold for their professional development and overall organizational success breaking down topics that speak to audience members where they are at and where they want to be. This year our focus is not so much on pre-determined topic tracks, but instead opening up our call-for-presentations to hear your ideas and stories. This is about delivering various perspectives within the profession that appeal to the needs of attendees helping to advance the profession.

What are we looking for?

You have a story to tell.

ISM is seeking original and innovative stories from thought leaders, like you, that will enable attendees to learn how to best navigate the ever-changing landscape of supply management. Our in-person event will be smaller than year’s past as we all transition back to in-person events, so this is a great opportunity for engaging sessions that could include hands-on activities, exercises to engage the attendees, polls or other methods that promote lively participation. We are all excited to see and learn from each other in-person once again.

Do you have a topic that speaks to team leaders, emerging professionals, category managers or senior executives? Could your presentation be presented from different perspectives to address a few of these audience members? We want to hear what interests you, challenges you and ultimately who you think will benefit the most from hearing your story.

The submission process is fun and meant to be simple. Please complete the fields of the form, create a fun promo video from your phone or computer camera and hit “submit”.

Submissions need to be in by August 27th to be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does the CFP open?
    • The CFP opens on July 12, 2021
  2. When does the CFP close?
    • The CFP closes on August 27, 2021
  3. Is there a limit of submissions per organization??
    • Yes, we can accept up to 2 submissions per organization. However, you may submit more than two for consideration.
  4. How long should my presentation video be for my submission?
    • Please keep your video to no longer than 2 minutes. Tell us about your presentation and what attendees will walk away with by attending. Share a little bit about you and/or the other speakers. Think of this as your presentation commercial.

      NOTE: Portions of the video may be used for ISM Annual Conference promotional purposes if your presentation is selected.
  5. How do I record my video (file type, technology, etc.)?
    • You can record your video using either your smart phone or by recording yourself through your computer camera. On your computer you can use your webcam or use tools like Microsoft Teams where you can record the meeting of yourself and/or your screen.

    • We can accept mp3, mp4, avi, mov, mpg, m4a file formats

      Some tips when recording…
      • Make sure you quiet any computer notifications so as not to disturb your recording session.
      • Be sure to close your door and let others know you are recording and not to be disturbed (or include it if it’s a fun part of your video).
      • Make sure that bright light is not shining behind or to either side of you. If you have a lamp put it in front of you.
      • If using a laptop, put it on some books to get a little height so that the camera is head-on and eye-level.
      • Have fun!
  6. If selected to also record my session for a virtual experience, how does my presentation work?
    • If we provide a virtual offering, we will provide pre-production instructions for those selected to speak and be recorded. We will walk you through every step of the way to make this a great experience.
  7. When will I need to present?
    • The ISM World Annual Conference takes place May 22-25, 2022. Accepted speakers will be provided with the date(s) and time(s) of their presentation. In addition, you will receive a brief checklist of requirements and key dates all managed through this speaker management system (the one you are submitting your presentation in). Additional speaker training will be provided to make sure you have all that you need for a great presentation.
  8. How is my presentation evaluated?
    • Practitioners and leaders in the field of supply management will review completed submissions and evaluate based on the description as it aligns with the conference theme, the interest level of the audience, and presentation format.
  9. What do approved speakers receive?
    • Approved speakers receive a complimentary full registration to the ISM World Annual Conference 2022, ISM certified members can also receive re-certification credit for presenting.