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CLA 2019 Annual Conference
League of Extraordinary Librarians
Call for Proposals

California libraries get a lot of love—149 million individual visits and ten million program attendees each year. Why the popularity? What’s the secret sauce? Answer: you, the diverse and devoted library staff who work tirelessly, creatively, ingeniously, and productively. The 2019 CLA Conference celebrates all the exceptional ways you serve your community. This year’s theme is “The League of Extraordinary Librarians.”

So, how do YOU do extraordinary? Tell us at the conference! We are accepting proposals for presentations and talks from all members of the library community. Clerical and non-MLIS staff are especially encouraged to submit proposals.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

Equity and Inclusion
  • Building a Diverse Workforce
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Structural Racism

Front-line Staff Development
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Getting Your Great Idea to Management
  • Promotional Testing for Clerical and Non-MLIS Staff

  • Advocacy and Community Engagement
  • Change Management and Communication
  • Underrepresented Leadership (Women, POC)

  • Data Analysis
  • Facility and Spaces
  • Safety, Security, and Privacy

Programming and Collection Development
  • Adult, Children, and Teen Services
  • Bookmobile and Mobile Services
  • Literacy (Adult, Civic, Digital, Early, Health, Legal)
  • Technical Services

  • AI and Augmented Reality
  • eContent Strategies
  • Website Development

Timeline for Proposal Call

Open call for proposals: February 21, 2019

Close call for proposals: March 21, 2019

Review by CLA Programming Committee: March 26, 2019-April 9, 2019

Announce selected proposals: May 19, 2019 on

Program Types:

Power Sessions
Go deep! Provide comprehensive exploration of a topic with 20 to 100+ conference-goers. Just make sure to build in audience engagement (extended Q & A, workshop, panel, roundtable, or film discussion). The session length should be 50 minutes, including time for audience engagement.

Ignite Talks
Enlighten us—quickly. Ignite Talks are fun, five-minute presentations of no more than 20 slides. Spark interest in a new topic!

Poster Sessions
Share an interest in an informal setting. A 50-minute session enables you to discuss a project or passion without the pressure of presenting a traditional session.

If your proposed program is selected you will be encouraged to market it through social media and your network, as well as engage conference attendees.

Video Recording
CLA plans to record select programs to make conference content accessible to those who cannot attend. Will you allow us to film your session?

Funding and Scholarship Program
Each presenter will be responsible for their own conference registration, hotel accommodation, and travel. Sign up during early bird registration for a minimum one-day pass to present. A request for exception will only be considered for those not attending other conference programs. Send your request via email to CLA Conference Chair Nikki Winslow at

CLA does offers financial support through a competitive scholarship program for those who do not receive funding from their employer. The scholarship focuses on clerical and library assistant staff, as well as the under-employed. For more information visit CLA.

If you have a question about your proposal, please contact Program Chairs at

CLA Mission
CLA is the community for California libraries. The Association provides leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library services, librarianship, and the library community.

We help members excel in a fast-changing job market. We're a resource for learning about new ideas and technology, and we actively work to influence legislation affecting libraries and librarians.