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SDC 2024 Call for Presentation
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SDC 2024 Call for Presentations

The deadline for presentation submissions for SDC 2024 is Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

Please have the following information prepared before completing this form:
  • Full contact information for presenter
  • Biography for presenter
  • Abstract of the presentation
  • Three to five learning objectives for the presentation

FAQ - How to Submit a Proposal that is acceptable.

Q: Who is the audience for my talk?
A: These are developers of storage software and hardware. They are very technical so it is important to have technical details in your content. Leave out: discussions of the market for your technology, product features, roadmap, etc. Include architecture, flow diagrams, schema, code, and technical challenges you have overcome.

Q: What should my title include?
A: Your title will be used by the attendees to decide among multiple tracks which talk to attend for the next session. It should attract people to your talk. Consider not just the technology as part of the title, but also what you are uniquely bringing to the discussion. A little controversy adds to the attraction. Ending with a question that attendees will want to find the answer to can help.

Q: What should my abstract include?
A: The best abstracts summarize the topic you will present, but also demonstrate that you have the expertise to be "the one" to give a talk on this subject matter. State any prerequisite knowledge that might be required, or if it is an entry-level talk (we need those also), say so. The most common reason abstracts are rejected is because we cannot determine whether it will be a good talk or not.

Q: What should I include in learning objectives?
A: Each objective should be a concrete insight you expect the audience to gain. This is an additional way to demonstrate your grasp of the subject matter.

Q: Can I have more time to submit?
A: We start evaluating proposals as soon as they are submitted. The earlier you submit, the less competition we have in front of us for the topic you want to present. Later submissions are compared to your early submission. Taking time to do a good job on the proposal will be reflected in your probability of being accepted. Hacking something together at the last minute just prior to the deadline is not a strategy for success.

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