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Welcome to the NAEMSP 2025 Annual Meeting Call for Presentations and Workshops Submission Site ‎‎

Specialty Workshops, Scientific Assembly & Tradeshow

The in-person NAEMSP 41st Annual Meeting will be held January 6-11, 2025 at the Manchester Grand ‎Hyatt San Diego in San Diego, California.‎

‎ We want to hear from you! Share your research at the NAEMSP Annual Meeting and provide the EMS ‎Physician community with the latest ideas and tools to make a difference in lives.

‎ ‎Create an account or log in for returning users to submit your ideas for presentations and workshops ‎at the 2025 NAEMSP Annual Meeting.

‎ ‎Important Note: The presentation proposal must be submitted by the individual who plans to present.

‎ ‎Policies‎ ‎
  • Presentations should be original contributions and that any presentation concerning work that ‎has been ‎presented elsewhere should provide new information or a new perspective relative to the ‎previous ‎presentation(s).‎ ‎
  • All presenters/speakers MUST register for the meeting in order to present. ‎ ‎
  • Incomplete proposals (draft status) will not be considered. Be sure to SUBMIT your presentation.‎ ‎
  • All live presentations may be recorded for asynchronous viewing.

Review Process
‎Submissions are rated for rigor (scientific, clinical or intellectual), relevance for NAEMSP members and ‎consistency ‎with the meeting theme. Proposal descriptions must be sufficiently detailed to allow ‎evaluation of these criteria.

Submission Requirement
‎ When submitting your presentation and/or poster abstract submission, ‎it is required that the ‎individual who will be presenting in-person, is ‎the submitter and is identified as the primary ‎presenter. Please note: If someone else submits the presentation abstract on behalf of the primary ‎presenter, that ‎person will become the point-person and receive all follow-up emails that will need to ‎be forwarded to the primary ‎presenter.

You will need to invite any additional speakers that you will have to complete their speaker profile. All speaker profiles MUST be complete in order for you to submit your presentation topic. A green checkmark indicates a complete profile. You are responsible for ensuring your additional presenters have completed their profile.

COVID Protocol
‎ NAEMSP will require attendees at the 2025 Annual Meeting to follow all COVID-19 guidelines that are in ‎place at the ‎time of the meeting from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and ‎local government, and ‎conference hotel, Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, San Diego, California. ‎‎Individuals should contact the Executive Director to address specific circumstances or exceptional ‎situations.‎

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