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Call for Late-Breaking Submission for ICAS 13

General submissions for ICAS 13 are now closed, but ICAS 13 is now accepting a limited number of Late-Breaking Paper, Poster, Panel and Roundtable proposals for inclusion at ICAS 13. Proposals should be submitted in this online proposal system before Wednesday 15 May 2024.

The ICAS 13 Organising Committee would like to invite proposals in the Late-Breaking track on new research, recent developments and trending topics in Asian Studies that have arisen during the one-year period prior to ICAS 13. This Late-Breaking track offers an opportunity for discussion and exchange on novel and high-profile research for which the timeliness of sharing this research with the Asian Studies community is important. All topical areas spanning the Asian Studies field are encouraged to submit, including cross-cutting topics and those that reach beyond disciplines traditionally represented at ICAS.

Only new submissions that have not previously been submitted to ICAS 13 will be considered for acceptance.

Please click here for more information on all proposal formats (including the number of participants per panel/roundtable). Instruction videos that help you navigate through the Submission portal can be viewed on the ICAS 13 YouTube channel.

Following a review process, the decision is communicated to the submitters within 10 days after their submission. Participants whose contributions are accepted in the Late-Breaking track will be given the opportunity to confirm their participation by 5 June 2024 to be included in the ICAS 13 programme and can register for the regular registration fee rate until 15 July 2024. For more information on ICAS 13, please visit our website:

When submitting a proposal you will be asked to select one of the ten ICAS 13 themes that best suits your topic. The goal of ICAS 13 is to facilitate global transdisciplinary conversations .The broader scope and description of the themes can be found under the ‘thematic cluster’ header which provides ideas and examples of proposal topics that can be submitted under that theme. If you think your proposal fits in multiple themes, please choose the one that you believe suits best. ICAS 13 would like to introduce the local realities in these transdisciplinary conversations, so the explanation of each theme also includes a note on ‘local context’ intended to highlight connections between heterogeneous Asian Studies research and the particular perspective from Surabaya, Indonesia.
All themes welcome proposals with a broader disciplinary and geographical perspective as well as proposals that connect these perspectives to the Indonesian context. Scholars do not need to work in the field of Indonesia to participate, and colleagues working on any topic within Asian Studies and beyond are invited to participate. The ‘local context’ notes are meant to place these themes in relation to the local conference context. Your proposal may connect to local realities, but this is not a requirement. During the conference, a variety of activities will be offered in the hopes of stimulating transregional conversations and grounding global concerns within the specific event location of Surabaya.

Proposals that exhibit a commitment to diversity are encouraged. We look forward to welcoming participants to this novel experiment in academic–civic, local–global collaboration.

ICAS 13 in Surabaya, Indonesia

ICAS 13 Surabaya represents a new phase in the efforts of IIAS and its global partners to re-imagine the Academic Conference in the post-COVID-19 era. In today’s world, the effects of disturbed human-nature relations have become visible in every aspect of daily life. We are convinced that in spite of the expediency of digital platforms, in-person academic events are still important. We as organisers of ICAS 13 propose to host the meeting in summer 2024 at the very centre of the realities of Asia. Participants from a broad array of disciplinary backgrounds and regional specialisations are welcome. To ensure an engaging, embedded conference experience, the ICAS team will also facilitate a range of opportunities designed to stimulate conversations between diverse Asian Studies researchers and within the local context of Surabaya. Thus, ICAS 13 encourages participants to engage across regional and disciplinary divides, to forge connections with the conference site, and to explore new practices of knowledge production.

ICAS 13 mobilises IIAS’s networks of partner institutions and individuals from across the world but is embedded in the social, economic and ecological realities of Surabaya. Our primary local partner is the Surabaya-based Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), together with its newly established Airlangga Institute of Indian Ocean Crossroads (AIIOC). AIIOC is an autonomous international platform established on the initiative of four faculties at Universitas Airlangga: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Public Health. AIIOC and IIAS's collaborative mission is to stimulate inquiry into the rich resources offered by the city of Surabaya and the people of East Java as a way to create an experiential local-global Conference-Festival (ConFest) that celebrates diversity in collaboration within and beyond academia extending to civil society and the arts.

Crossways of Knowledge, the title of the 2024 convention, evokes the multiple modalities and serendipities of contemporary knowledge exchange between academia and society. ICAS 13 will be grounded in globally relevant themes that will unfold across panels, interactive roundtables, poster presentations, methodologies and hands-on workshops, book, film, food and craft fairs, exhibitions and other participatory formats of local engagements, in and around ConFest venues.

For queries about ICAS 13, please contact us at
For the latest information on ICAS 13, please visit the ICAS 13 website.