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Welcome to the IACP Awards Nomination Site

This form will collect your contact and nomination details. Upon your first log-in to the site, click "Create Account" below to begin. Once your account is created, you will be directed to a Privacy Notice requiring signature for GDPR compliance. You will only have to complete this page during your first login. This form is not automatically linked to your IACP membership account or credentials and you will need to create an account on this site to submit a nomination.

To submit a nomination, complete the required tasks by the deadline for the award you are submitting. Deadline details may be found within each award category dropdown below. You may save progress and return to your nomination as often as desired prior to the submission deadline.

The following is a list of awards that you may apply for through this nomination site. For more information regarding IACP Awards, visit Leadership Awards that are not listed below will open shortly and collect nominations through a different, unique form. Additional details will be available by early February. Questions regarding nominations may be directed to ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
The IACP and Motorola Solutions partner each year to highlight the incredible actions of law enforcement's finest frontline officers. The following nominations will be accepted for this award:
• One nomination per U.S. state police/highway patrol agency;
• One nomination per the Canadian provincial police agencies of Ontario and Quebec;
• One nomination per each of the RCMP’s four regions;
• One nomination per the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

Required documents:
• Professional head-shot of nominee (High-Res).
• Signed Chief Executive Letter
Chief Executive Letter Template
• Self nominations are not permitted for this award.
• The deadline to submit a nomination for this award is February 26, 2021
• Nominations may recognize officers for either a single event or multiple or inter-related events occurring between December 1 2019 - December 31, 2020.
The IACP Pamela L. Scanlon Excellence in Criminal Justice Information Sharing Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated achievements in the improvement of criminal justice information sharing across jurisdictional lines, at all levels of government and with multiple disciplines. This award recognizes an exceptional leader who promotes and shares new technology, innovation, best practices, and lessons learned. Both IACP members and non-members may be nominated for this award. Self nominations are permitted. The deadline to submit a nomination is February 26, 2021. Only complete nomination submissions will be considered for review.
A nominee must be a sworn law enforcement officer employed within Indian Country, regardless of rank or position, who has performed an act of valor, or exceptional service during the calendar year. A posthumous award may be made in the name of a law enforcement officer to the surviving spouse, child or parent of such officer.

Required documents:
• Professional head-shot of nominee (High-Res).
• A complete report of the incident or act
• Copies of all official reports, statements, photographs, maps, etc.; and
• If available, related media reports such as videotapes, newspaper articles, etc.
• Signed Chief Executive Letter
Chief Executive Letter Template
More information coming soon.

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