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Welcome to the 2024 ACCP Honors & Awards Nomination Submission Site!

Nomination submission deadline is November 30, 2023.

The nominating individual is responsible for the following actions for a Nomination:

  • Confirm that the proposed Nominee is interested in being nominated for the award.
  • Confirm that the proposed Nominee will be able to attend the Annual Meeting in September in-person if they win the award.
  • If the Nominee is aware of other Nominations, the Nominator should coordinate with any other Nominator so that only one Nomination is submitted on behalf of the Nominee for the award.
  • Obtain the Nominee's most current CV and verify that the Nominee meets the criteria for the award.
  • Compose the Nomination letter outlining the Nominee's qualifications, achievements and accomplishments specific to the award.
  • Reach out to others to provide up to three (3) letters of support from individuals who can speak to the Nominee's qualifications and provide specific examples of their contributions as they relate to the award for which he/she is nominated. Letters may be co-signed by several authors.

  • The Nominator's letter and a limit of three (3) letters of support per Nomination will be reviewed by the committee. Submission of more than three letters of support for any given Nomination will result in those additional letters being archived, but not considered by the committee.

    Submit the Nomination package through this Submission Site. Nominations sent via email will not be considered.

    Nominee Eligibility Exclusions

  • In order to avoid any conflict of interest and to be fully transparent, no member of the ACCP Executive Committee and ACCP Board of Regents is eligible for Nomination for an award until at least one (1) full year after completion of his/her term. Please consult ACCP Staff to confirm a Nominee for whom this is in question.
  • Anyone actively serving on the Honors & Awards Committee is not eligible to be nominated and receive an award.
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