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The 2019 AIA International Design Awards

Submissions now open!

AIA International is the broadest geographical region of the American Institute of Architects. The AIA International Region Design Awards recognizes best practices, innovative thinking, and design excellence of AIA member projects worldwide. All Architect members of the the AIA International Region are eligible to submit entries for projects located anywhere in the world (except US). All Architect members who are non-local members of an International Chapter may submit projects only within the territory of that same International Chapter.

There will be global recognition of the awards with presentations to be held at the IR's annual conference in Shanghai, November 14-17, and additionally at the AIA National Conference on Architecture 2020 in Los Angeles, May 14-16, 2020. Additionally, we have co-initiated with Dow a special new opportunity, the Sustainable Future Award, to receive ongoing recognition throughout the coming year for projects which are recognized by our design jury first and then by carbon energy efficiency experts for designs which reduce energy use, optimize natural resources and steward human health. Projects that meet carbon and other necessary criteria could also potentially be invited to contribute carbon savings to the carbon partnership between Dow and the International Olympic Committee.

The Categories:

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