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Welcome to the 2021 ACCP Honors & Awards Nomination Submission Site!

Nomination cut-off date is November 30, 2020.

The nominating individual is responsible for the following actions for a nomination
  • Confirming that the proposed nominee is interested in being nominated for the award;
  • Obtaining the most current CV of the nominee;
  • Compose a detailed letter outlining the individual's qualifications, achievements and accomplishments specific to the award you are nominating him/her for.
  • Additionally, you may submit up to three (3) letters of support from different individuals who can speak to your nominees qualifications and provide specific examples of their contributions as they relate to the award he/she is nominated for.
  • All nominations must be made through the submission system;
  • Speak to the outstanding credentials of the nominee for consideration when the committee meets.
Submissions sent via email to ACCP Staff will not be considered.

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