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2019 AIA Northwest and Pacific Region

The 2019 AIA Northwest and Pacific Region (NW+PR) Design Awards celebrate the best architectural designs available from AIA Members in the NW+PR. These projects represent the finest standards in sustainability, innovation, building performance, and overall integration with client and surrounding community.


Built submissions must have been completed after July 26, 2014 and must be designed by members of chapters within the AIA Northwest & Pacific Region or by AIA members submitting projects located within the Region. The AIA NW+PR includes the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii and Guam/Micronesia. Projects do not have to have previously received a design award from a local component to enter the NW+PR Design Awards.

For AIA NW+PR members, the size and location of a project will in no way limit its eligibility. For AIA members located outside of the NW+PR, only projects located with the Region will be considered. Members may separately submit as many projects for consideration as they wish. For projects in which an AIA member has joint ventured or associated with a design consultant, the member must be the Architect-of-Record. Projects must be submitted in the name of the Architect-of-Record. If that firm has been dissolved or its name has been changed, an individual or successor firm may enter projects in the name of the firm in effect at the time the project was executed. Where responsibility for a project is shared, all participants who substantially contributed to the work must be appropriately credited.

Projects that have won AIA NW+PR Design Awards in the past are not eligible. All other projects may be resubmitted if they fall within the eligibility timeline.


Submissions should clearly demonstrate process and accomplishment through a combination of text, diagrams, drawings, photographs and other graphic materials and address the issues outlined in the Jury Criteria. Projects should fall within the following two categories:
  • Commercial/Institutional Project
    These projects include public and private developments of a commercial or institutional nature. K-12 and higher education, manufacturing, retail, and utilities are included alongside urban planning & design projects.
  • Residential Project
    These projects include single-family residential projects, multi-family housing and residential housing community planning. Submitters are encouraged to enter their projects of special needs and low-income housing.
Winning Submissions

Winning firms will be contacted by the end of September and asked to provide the following:
  1. Publicity Image: This image should showcase the project submitted to AIA NW+PR for publicity purposes. This image must not include any text.
    Requirements: 300 dpi image of approximately 2400x4000 pixels and either JPG, PNG, or TIFF format. Photo inclusion implies permission from its photographer for use by the Region for promotional purposes. Correct attribution is the submitter’s sole responsibility.
  2. Team Presentation PDF
    The Team Presentation PDF will be projected at the Awards event to celebrate the award winners.
  3. Requirements:
    A single PDF file – 3 pages: 2 MB maximum size.
    Project Type: Indicate if the project is commercial or residential.
  4. Content:
    Page 1 - Project Image: A representative image of the project.
    Page 2 - Team Image: A photo, or representative photos, of the core project team.
    Page 3 - Collaborator Credits: A comprehensive listing of the design team, owner/client (if desired), and project collaborators. Collaborator’s logos may be used. Include Project Name, Project location, and Entrant's firm name on each page of the team presentation PDF.

  5. Intent to Enter Deadline: July 15, 2019
    Please note: Intent to Enter must include Project Name, Type, Brief description in Project Narrative (can be edited later) and Payment.
    Deadline for Jury PDF: July 26, 2019 at 6:00 pm MDT

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