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Welcome to the Breakout Session Submission Site for the Sustainable Agriculture Summit

Summit Theme

The global pandemic and its residual effects have underscored the importance of U.S. food and agriculture's ongoing efforts to build more resilient and regenerative production systems. Concurrently, global leaders are gathering for international forums throughout 2021 to accelerate progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals and impending climate targets. This year's Summit, Regeneration and Resilience: U.S. Agriculture's Role in Building a Resource-Positive Future, will unite leaders from across the full food and agriculture value chain to explore the power of partnerships in driving systems change, providing actionable insights for U.S. agriculture's role in building a resource-positive future.


Considerations for Selection

Each submission will be evaluated based on alignment with the Summit theme and selection criteria. Emphasis will be placed on appeal to our diverse audience of food companies, government agencies, academics, conservation groups, and farmers. Additionally, the ability to drive the sustainability conversation forward for the food, farming, and agriculture industry's value chains will be strongly considered. Preference will be given to unique proposals that conform to session topics and target audiences as outlined and/or proposals that bring forth compelling speakers or panelists. Only presentations offering vendor-neutral content will be considered. Breakouts will be 45-60 minutes in length. Selection and scheduling for breakout sessions will be at the discretion of the Summit organizers.

The Summit organizers request proposals that: 

  • Directly connect with the overall theme of this year’s Summit 
  • Creatively showcase how challenges can be turned into opportunities 
  • Consider the natural resource, economic, and human challenges and opportunities that will drive sustainable supply chains in the future 
  • Feature projects, collaborations, and successes that shine a light on possible sustainable futures for agriculture and the food industry 
  • Represent a breadth of perspectives across supply chain segments, commodities, geographies, experiences, etc.
  • Include multiple, diverse speakers 
  • Proposals shouId include 3-5 learning objectives and audience takeaways. Please include methods for engaging the audience.



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