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Exhibitor Stage Session Submission Site
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Welcome to the Exhibitor Stage Session Submission Site

Exhibit Hall Stages Submission Deadline Extended to March 31.
While ALA is busy scheduling the stage proposals already submitted, the deadline date for submissions has been extended to March 31.

Exhibitor Stage Sessions will be offered in different Exhibit Hall Stages. Proposed presentations will be reviewed to ensure session is assigned to the appropriate stage. You will be using this form to provide your contact information and your proposed stage / content for your Annual Stage Session(s). If you are requesting more than one Exhibitor Stage Session, please complete this form for each Exhibitor Stage Session.

Closing date: March 31, 2023 at 11:59pm CT.

Click "Join Now" to begin your first submission. You will need to create a new profile even if you have submitted to conferences in the past.

Please note: Saturday and Sunday time slots are full. Monday time slots are still available.

Note: submission does not guarantee a time slot. You must be a current ALA Annual 2023 exhibitor to participate. All accepted Stage Submissions will have a $200 fee per session time slot.

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