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Attention Successful Fundraisers and Marketers!

You are successful because you’re innovative, strategic, tactical and are willing to go through some unsuccessful campaigns to achieve the successful ones. We want you! Share your expertise with other professionals at the 2023 Bridge Conference! We are looking for original content and great case studies that illustrate amazing strategies and offer new perspectives on issues such as:
  • Digital is all pervasive! How can you make your message stand-out and not get the “delete button?”
  • Direct mail is still the best acquisition tool – what new strategies did you use for direct mail? How do you integrate mail with digital and social campaigns?
  • Direct mail is still the best acquisition tool – but how do you integrate mail with digital and social campaigns?
  • Retention is incredibly important. Tell us about your stewardship wins and improved retention rates.
  • Acquisition is tough. How did you meet the challenge of acquiring new donors?
  • What’s new in major gifts fundraising? And how can your organization realize planned gifts?
  • What new technologies and platforms have you been successful with using? Artificial Intelligence? Cryptocurrency?
  • How do you get your board and CEO to buy-in to new strategies?
  • How can you BRIDGE “direct marketing” and ''fundraising development” and create shared strategies for improved revenue?
  • How can you BRIDGE “direct marketing” and ''fundraising development” and create shared strategies for improved revenue?
  • Tell us about a fundraising experience and what you learned that you believe could benefit others.

These are just a few of the topics that we know you – the expert – can answer!

Bridge Conference Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement: The convening organizations of the Bridge Conference value the diversity of experiences, ideas, people, and organizations in our community. We believe diversity makes our sector stronger. We strongly encourage and seek speakers and sessions from people of color, including bilingual and bicultural individuals, women, men, people with disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQI individuals, and/or from professionals working for organizations serving those groups.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN the submission process, be sure to have on hand the following information:
  • The title of your presentation – be careful – titles that are too cute often do not convey your topic. Be interesting, as well as clear and succinct.
  • Describe what the attendee will learn in 250 words or less. You want to convince the reviewer you have something of value to present! Additionally, this description will be used for marketing purposes and to entice attendees to come to your session! Ensure your writing is clear and will interest the reader. You have to get the reviewer to LOVE YOU in these 250 words!
  • Think about why 100 Bridge attendees would want to listen to your session.
  • Provide 3 insights or actionable items attendees will receive.
  • Be sure you have engaging content for a 45 to 60 minute presentation and make sure the title, description and the presentation content tie together!
  • No more than 3 speakers to a session including the moderator. You will be asked to submit contact info and bios for all speakers.
Other items to note:
  • Agencies and consultants should limit their submissions to 4 papers total. No more than two presenters from any firm may present during the entire conference.
  • Nonprofit attendees like to hear from other nonprofits – agencies should have a nonprofit representative as one of their speakers.

If you require assistance with the submission process, please contact (open new window) or 410-638-9239 - Monday - Friday, 9 am - 9 pm EST, and receive immediate assistance.

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