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Welcome to the Abstract Submission Site for IPNC23

The scientific conference committee invites everyone to contribute to the program by submitting your abstract for consideration of inclusion in the program.

Abstract submission deadline has been extended to May 5th, 2023 at midnight EST.

Notification of acceptance will be no later than May 30th, 2023.

We are accepting submissions in the following topic areas:

1. Therapeutics/Antimicrobial Resistance/Diagnostics. Includes studies on detection, prevention, and development of new antimicrobials to combat resistance, novel therapeutic approaches to combat infection, and diagnostics.

2. Vaccines. Includes studies on development, evaluation, and implementation of vaccine strategies in preclinical settings and in vivo, and vaccination outcomes and impact on reinfection and transmission.

3. Host Responses to Infection. Includes studies of host molecular, cellular, and immunological responses to Neisseria in vitro and in vivo and how these can guide studies on the evaluation of therapeutics and vaccines.

4. Bacterial Physiology, Genomics and Responses. Includes studies on bacterial responses to the environment in vitro and in vivo including animal model and human studies.

5. Epidemiology/Clinical Disease. Includes studies on epidemiology of meningitis and gonorrhea worldwide, with particular focus on developing countries, evaluation and definition of clinical disease, and strategies for prevention of transmission.

We realize that many of your contributions may fit in multiple categories. Please select a primary topic you feel is the best fit. You may also select a secondary topic if appropriate.

Submissions will be considered for an oral presentation or a poster presentation, or you may choose to be considered for both categories.

Please limit your submission to 350 words in the following format:
• Background
• Aim/Methods
• Results
• Conclusions

You will be using this form to provide your contact information and your required submission details for review. Click Join Now below to begin. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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