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2022 SCA Annual Meeting & Workshops Call for PBLD Submission

Welcome to the Annual Meeting PBLD Submission Page! We invite you to submit a Problem-Based Learning Discussion (PBLD) to be considered for presentation at SCA's 2022 Annual Meeting & Workshops in Palm Springs, California from May 14 - 17, 2022.

You will be using this form to provide your contact information and your required submission details for review. Click Join Now below to begin.

When submitting a PBLD, you will be asked to complete the following information:
  • Primary Moderator Information*
  • Co-Moderator information (Optional)
    • Name
    • Email
  • PBLD Title*
  • Session Objectives*
  • Overview of the Case Presentation*
  • Case Questions (Optional)

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Questions? Organizer: Caitlin Barry -