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Welcome to the INACSL Conference, 2021 Call for Abstracts

Welcome to the abstract collection site for the INACSL Hybrid Conference, 2021 being held in-person in Denver, Colorado, USA, June 16-19, 2021 and virtually from June 16-July 15, 2021.

The online abstract submissions deadline is 11:59 pm (EST) on October 30, 2020. Information submitted for each abstract will be saved in the system until completed. You do not need to complete your submission at one time. However, failure to complete the required documentation and click the "submit" button by the due date will result in your abstract being rejected.

An overview of requirements and tips is below to help you through the submission process. To learn more about how to write a research abstract, click here. There is a maximum of 250 words per abstract.

Abstract Categories
  • Podium presentations (in-person or virtual) - 45-minute, concurrent educational activities. Virtual presentations are expected to take the entire 45 minutes. In-person sessions should include a 10-minute question/answer (Q&A) period. These timeframes should be reflected in the Educational Planning Table (EPT).
  • Poster presentations (in-person or virtual) - All posters will be displayed virtually by creating a pdf file to upload and recording a 5-minute overview of the topic. The highest-scoring abstract authors will be invited to display a poster onsite in Denver.
  • Hands-On/How-To Workshops (in-person exclusive) - Workshops will be 2-hours and held throughout the event for in-person participants. Additional registration fees will not be required to participate in these sessions. Those who have previously presented 6-hour pre-conference sessions are encouraged to break the content down into more focused presentations. Abstracts should include information on how to apply the content provided and details on how attendees will participate in immersive, experiential learning activities. At least 50% of the session must be a hands-on or application activity. These hands-on opportunities are separate from the HomeGrown Solutions. Click here for more information about HomeGrown Solutions.

  • A total of seven authors, one lead author and six co-authors, may be listed on each abstract submission. The Lead Author will identify all other authors, and each individual will be required to set up an account in CadmiumCD to complete a Conflict of Interest form and confirm involvement in the material used for the abstract in a Statement of Work. If the abstract is selected, no more than two authors may present in-person or virtually. The Lead Author will be asked to indicate who will be presenting during the acceptance process. All presenting authors will be required to register for the event. After the abstract submission deadline, authors may not be added or removed from the abstract.
  • All presenting authors will be required to register for the conference to present the material if the abstract is accepted. Authors who cannot attend will still be listed on the conference website and app, receive communications, and be required to complete tasks. If the podium and poster author(s) presenting the material do not register for the event, the presentation will be cancelled. Authors presenting virtually may register for the virtual or in-person event. Authors presenting in-person must register for the in-person conference in order to deliver the content to an audience in Denver.
  • Some tasks and requirements must be completed by the Lead Author. The entire author team should be in communication throughout the submission and abstract management process to hold each other accountable for meeting deadlines. Accepted presentations will be cancelled and will not be listed on conference materials if all deadlines are not met.
  • More than one abstract per Lead Author may be accepted for presentation; however, those who are more experienced in the field are encouraged to mentor others from their author teams to help them grow into the Lead Author role. If this is your first time submitting an abstract for INACSL and you would like a mentor, please send an email to Receiving assistance does NOT guarantee that your abstract will be accepted.
  • All authors are responsible for making sure that they are receiving messages regarding their abstract submissions from or Authors are responsible for making sure they keep their contact information up-to-date in the abstract management system. Questions may be directed to Lead Nurse Planner Mary Ann Cantrell at

Submission Requirements
Complete the following required abstract documents by the deadline of October 30, 2020. Remember, you can save your submission and come back later, but all documentation must be completed prior to the due date. Once the lead author locks the documents for submission, no changes can be made even if the abstract is selected for presentation. Be sure to click on the “Submit” button after all of the tasks are complete and you will no longer be making edits. If you do not click on the “Submit” button, your abstract will not be marked as complete and it will not be considered for presentation.
  1. Abstract (summary of submission requirements)
    view Research Rubric
  2. view Non-Research Rubric
  3. Education Planning Table
  4. Sample Educational Planning Table that has been completed correctly
  5. A Bio/Conflict of Interest/Disclosure
  6. (completed online as part of submission; no need to print form)
  7. Statement of Work
  8. (completed online as part of submission; no need to print form)

As an ANCC accredited provider of CNE, INACSL is required to collect some information in multiple documents.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the INACSL Lead Nurse Planner at

Additional information
  • The title should be concise and accurately reflect the abstract and presentation’s contents. Titles should follow APA 7 formatting (Example: Simulation at the crossroads: A time of innovation) and should be a maximum of 25 words or 200 characters. After the abstract submission deadline, title edits will NOT be accepted.
  • Works in progress will only be accepted as virtual poster abstracts. If you have not completed your research or study, DO NOT submit your work for podium consideration.
  • Authors will receive an email in January inviting them to present or notifying them that the abstract has been declined. Please do not reach out to INACSL to inquire about the status of your abstract unless you have not received an email by the end of January.

Click the JOIN NOW button below to begin your 2021 submission. Please remember your username and password as they will be necessary throughout the abstract management process.

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