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2024 CHARGE Investigates - A Call for Research Proposals

About the AAMC Center for Health Justice Public Opinion Polling

The AAMC Center for Health Justice conducts regular nationally representative polling to ask the public about health equity issues. Prior polls have asked respondents about health and civic engagement, birth experiences, trustworthiness of institutions, and more. If you could ask the public about any health equity topic, what would you like to know?

AAMC CHARGE answered! With their input, we designed a multi-topic poll and surveyed a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults. The results are now in, and AAMC CHARGE members are invited to apply for access to the polling data so they can conduct their own research for evidence-based solutions to achieve health equity.

Applicants will submit a health equity-focused research proposal with research questions that can be answered using data from the CHARGE Investigates — A Call for Research dataset described below. The proposed studies should produce innovative, actionable, relevant research that uses the available data to answer important health equity-focused questions and inform health policy.

Team Selection
Eligible teams will consist of three to five members. Team members may be professional researchers, academic medicine instructors, medical providers, faculty, nonacademic professionals, or community members. This opportunity is open to AAMC CHARGE members. Join AAMC CHARGE here.

Data Access
Up to five research teams will be selected and given access to the CHARGE Investigates — A Call for Research dataset at no cost. Data will be shared via secure electronic file transfer, and successful applicants will be required to sign a data-use agreement with the AAMC prior to receiving the data. Access to the dataset will be provided for 24 months. Upon completion of studies and remittance of summary findings to the AAMC, the AAMC will consider support for researchers to present their findings on additional platforms such as webinars and conferences.

About the Data
Selected teams will be provided with access to data from a nationally representative public opinion poll of 6,748 U.S. adults conducted online between October 18 and October 27, 2023. The following groups were oversampled to provide opportunities for additional analyses: adults with disabilities, Medicaid patients, Medicare patients, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and/or people of color) parents, parents of children ages 0 to 3, and rural adults.
The survey instrument, used for the poll includes 25 items across five categories. A selection of subtopics is listed below.

Access to Health Care
• Barriers to accessing care
• Ease of access based on types of care

Financial Equity
• Perceived financial security
• COVID-19 impacts on financial security

Child Health Equity
• Identification of the most pressing child health issues

Disability Equity
• Access to essential services
• Perceived trustworthiness of public institutions

Concepts of Health Equity and Health Justice
• Support for health equity
• Factors that contribute to healthy communities

Please see the attached codebook for a description of demographics, sample size, and methodology.

Application Components
The application requests the following information:
• The research project title
• Name(s) of researcher(s), institutional affiliation(s), and contact information. Multi-institution, multisector, and community collaborations are welcome.
• The research question(s)
• A description of the study’s potential to generate significant and new knowledge to advance health equity
• The project timeline, including a projected completion date
• An outline of the approach. Please include the names of the variables you intend to use; these are found in the codebook.

Criteria for Selection
• The research question’s alignment with the health equity focus of this call for research
• The extent to which the proposed research question(s) can be answered with the available data
• The contribution to the body of health equity knowledge
• Adherence to the research proposal requirements
• Clarity of content

Proposal Review
A review team consisting of four representatives from the Center for Health Justice will convene to review the applications.

Key Terms and Acronyms Defined for the Purpose of This Application
AAMC: Association of American Medical Colleges
Affiliation: An individual’s formal association with a particular organization or institution. It represents a professional connection.
Center: The AAMC Center for Health Justice
Contact Person(s): The individual who fills out the application (designated by the core team) and any other additional key individual(s) who will receive ongoing communications throughout the application period
Core Team: The team of researchers who will be primarily responsible for executing the project plan
Institutional Data Contact: One individual who will be responsible for managing the secure file transfer of data and all associated data-management tasks. The institutional data contact may be the same as the primary contact.
Primary Contact: One individual who is the point person for the completion of the entire application (one person designated from the core team)

Key Dates and Deadlines
Date Deadline
February 5, 2024 Application opens
February 15, 2024, 2 p.m. ET Informational webinar
March 4, 2024, 11:59 p.m. ET Call for research closes
March 21, 2024 Selected teams notified
May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2026 Access to data granted

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