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This is the PAPS 2021 MANUSCRIPT Submission Site!

The 2021 PAPS Meeting is a virtual meeting, November 15-18, 2021. (depends on where you are in the world)


1) This is now the MANUSCRIPT submission site

2) You MUST have been granted an ORAL PRESENTATION to submit a manuscript.

3) Posters, Quick Shots, and Videos are NOT eligible for manuscript submission..

4) PAPS Prize for TRAINEES: Trainees, residents, and medical students who had their abstract accepted for ORAL presentation MUST submit a manuscript to still be eligible for the PAPS prize. There will be multiple PAPS prizes this year in Basic Science and Clinical medicine. ALL trainees are eligible. You MUST be a trainee , You MUST register for the meeting, You MUST present, and you MUST submit a manuscript to remain eligible. Manuscript submission is not required to present but IS required for the PAPS prize.

5) Manuscript submission closes at 20:59 (PM) November 4th, 2021 at Pacific time. Results will be announced at the meeting. If your manuscript is ACCEPTED, It will be published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery. You also MUST Register on our website.

For technical issues related to the submission website, please use the TECHNICAL SUPPORT button in the top right corner. For QUESTIONS about abstract content, please email