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Beyond Flexner 2022
Moving the Dial on Social Mission: Ensuring Health Professions Education Meets the Challenges of Today
Call for Abstracts, Presentations and Posters

The Beyond Flexner 2022 Conference, Moving the Dial on Social Mission: Ensuring Health Professions Education Meets the Challenges of Today provides health professions leaders, practitioners, educators, trainees, and community partners committed to the fight for a more and just equitable healthcare system an outstanding opportunity to present their work, network, advocate, and learn. This conference aims to inspire and empower attendees to enhance health equity within their institutions and communities.

Beyond Flexner is now accepting abstract submissions for poster, oral, and workshop presentations for the 2022 Beyond Flexner Conference. Authors affiliated or employed by an institution that trains health professionals are welcome to submit an abstract. Click 'Submit Now' below to begin.

Submissions that include the following features are strongly preferred:
  • Co-authorship by community members and partners
  • Co-authorship with trainees (students, residents, etc.)
  • Interprofessional and/or interdisciplinary
  • Inclusive of multiple institutions
  • Innovative and/or disruptive
  • Impact-driven
Abstracts will be considered for the following session types:
  • Posters
    • Completed research projects highlighting innovative social mission work
    • In-progress research projects will be considered separately
    • Submissions by students and residents (as primary author) will be considered for the poster competition
  • Oral Presentations: (90-minute breakout session, 3-4 presentations per panel)
    • Brief 10-minute presentations on a novel program or completed research project with 15-20 minutes of group discussion. The presenter should propose questions/topics for the discussion. (Accepted abstracts will be organized by conference planners into 90-minute total breakout sessions with 2-3 other accepted abstracts).


  • 90-Minute Workshops:
    • Highly interactive workshops led by multiple facilitators that center around skill-building or problem-solving a pressing issue in social mission in health professions education
  • 3-Hour Workshops:
    • Similar to the 90-Minute workshops, these longer sessions will offer an opportunity for comprehensive skill-building or problem-solving on a specific topic area related to social mission in health professions education
Themes for the conference include:
  1. Centering Health Professions Education in Community:: improving outcomes in the communities we serve through mission, recruitment, educational curriculum, clinical service, and research.
  2. Addressing Racism in Healthcare and Health Professions Education: addressing structural racism and privilege to advance equity, inclusion, and belonging in health professions education.
  3. Engaging with the Global Community:bidirectional engagement to share lessons learned and develop initiatives to address global health equity and social justice, particularly for those impacted by the sequela of COVID-19.
  4. Creating Accountability: advancing measurements, data, research, competencies, funding, and standards to achieve meaningful change.
  5. Engaging in Policy: identifying and advocating for policies to advance social mission and translating those policies into practice.
All themes relate to the social mission of health professions education For all themes, BF 2022 is interested in Community Partnerships to promote social mission; Disrupters such as cost of care, cost of drugs, racism, refugees, opioids, pay scale, rural; Global issues, programs, and movements; and social mission Research priorities, metrics, outcomes, programs, and community engagement.

Examples of workshops include:
  • Providing training in a social mission-related area (e.g. community-organizing, advocacy, evaluation/research methods, etc.)
  • Hands-on experience with a social mission training tool
  • Engaging participants to advance their own social mission work (e.g. developing recruitment/admission strategy for diversity, developing health equity and leadership curriculum)
  • Engaging participants to develop/advance a social mission-related issue
Click "Submit Now" below to begin.

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