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Greetings to you--one of the best minds of our industry. Congratulations on deciding to be part of the ASCE Grand Challenge by sharing your innovative idea. The ASCE Innovation Contest accepts entries from around the globe. Participants may submit entries either as individuals or as teams. It is open to everyone who has completed high school including but not limited to ASCE Members, non-members, undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and independent consultants.

You will use this portal to upload your entry, add authors, communicate with the contest staff and stay informed about the contest as it progresses towards the deadline of 5PM Eastern, Monday, May 18, 2020. To start the process and create an account for the 2020 Contest please select "Join Now". Returning submitters welcome back. You may update your submission until the contest close date.

The 2020 Contest has six categories; Internet of Things (IoT)/Artificial Intelligence (AI), Sustainable and Resilient Engineering, Next Generation Transportation, Improvements in Clean Water, New Construction Materials and Methodology and General Civil Infrastructure Improvement.

Documents to help guide you through the submission process are available for download after you create a 2020 account. Even if you have entered a previous contest, you need to create a new account for the 2020 contest. Only one account is required for each team or individual author and multiple unique entries may be submitted under each team or individual account. All submissions will be evaluated against the criteria provided in the downloadable documents which are available after you create an account. Ten to twelve winning submissions will be selected to compete in the final competition which will take place at the ASCE 2020 Annual Convention in Anaheim, Ca, Oct, 30 and 31, 2020.