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Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference 2023

ACP is now accepting submissions for panel and poster presentation opportunities at the Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference 2023. The abstract submitters will be notified via email whether or not their abstracts were selected in January 2023.

Proposal Submission Policy:

1. All obvious commercial sales pitches will not be accepted for a presentation.

2. Proposals must be well-organized and clearly describe their relevance to the industry and how the information presented could be applied or used in practice. Applicants are encouraged to use case studies, offer solutions, and include specifics.

3. Proposals should contain new perspectives or data and not have been presented previously.

4. More than one proposal may be submitted by an author.

Note: ACP members will be preferred over non-member presentations. For inquiries on membership, please contact ACP's Sponsorship team,

To create a new account, click "Join Now". Please note that if you have submitted proposals for previous events, you will still need to create a new account for this conference. If you are returning and don't recall your password, please click the "Lost your access key" link to reset your password.

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