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Welcome to the AIA New Jersey 2019 Design Awards

The 2019 AIA New Jersey Design Competition will be run electronically through a system called CadmiumCD. The electronic format will allow members to also participate the 2019 Tri State Design Competition. Instead of preparing a board, participants will upload photographs, drawings and copy into the system. There have been minor changes to the submission categories this year for ease in participating in the Tri State competition. As in years past, the three-member jury will meet to determine winners, reviewing projects via computer screen. The fee to participate remains at $150 for the first design submission and $100 for each additional submission. Participants will have the opportunity to also participate in the Tri State Competion for a fee of $50. After registering for the NJ Competition, please click on the link to register for the Tri State Competition.

Click here to review the AIA New Jersey 2019 Design Awards eligibility and guideline descriptions and click below in the red box to register.

Click Here to register for the Tri State Competition.

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