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Call for Abstracts Requirements

2021 National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS (NCSWH)

The National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS, founded in 1988, is an annual event that offers social workers, allied professionals, and people affected by HIV and AIDS, the connections, tools, learning opportunities, and strategies they need to understand and implement effective practices in their agencies and communities. Our goals for attendees of the 33rd National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS are to gain knowledge, be challenged, and be renewed.

The theme for the 2021 conference is Rise Up HIV & AIDS Social Work(ers)! Social workers know that HIV and AIDS is not merely a health issue but often a result of poverty, racism, homophobia, and stigma. We will not see an end to the HIV and AIDS epidemic without addressing the systems and policies that perpetuate social injustice and continue to contribute to health inequities.

The NCSWH Program committee invites proposals that support our theme calling us to rise up (literally and/or figuratively) as individuals and as a profession. Proposals that highlight community-led responses, strategies for achieving equitable access to care, and anti-oppression/anti-racism work will be prioritized. Additionally, activists of the civil rights and women’s movements have paved the way for our understanding of the importance of radical self-care in doing this type of work. Self-care will be an important component of the conference so that participants feel nourished, rejuvenated, and equipped to counter the burnout that so often occurs in our profession.

We also seek proposals that highlight work with populations disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS and those with unique needs due to their diagnosis. For example, we know that by 2030, up to 70% of people living with HIV will be over the age of 50. People aging with HIV are vulnerable to the ailments that come with living longer and are more likely to experience loneliness and stigma.

We welcome you to submit a proposal that aligns with our conference theme and goals. Given that the 2021 conference will be held virtually, it is imperative that all sessions be as interactive as possible. In your proposal, please describe how your session will be interactive for attendees. There is a limit of two proposal submissions per primary presenter. The proposal deadline is Sunday, February 7, 2021, at 11:59 pm EST.

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