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2020 AHME Institute
Plenary/Workshop Session Application

The Association for Hospital Medical Education (AHME) is looking for members and non-members who have expertise, speaking skills, and interesting topics that will engage our annual conference attendees and close gaps in their competence, performance and education/accreditation outcomes.

Get to Know AHME:

AHME's members are medical education professionals who work throughout the United States within the continuum of medical education - undergraduate, graduate and continuing.

AHME provides a grassroots, hands-on, egalitarian learning environment and looks for topics that will bring best practices, real-world successes and the latest information to our attendees.

Submission Requirements for Plenary/Workshop Sessions:

Plenary sessions focus on more general topics for a more eclectic audience where the learning focuses on a few key take-home messages and are intended for 400+ people. Workshops are more focused, as interactive as possible, with emphasis on giving use-tomorrow information, resources and tools, and are intended for 200 or less people within a more homogenous population (e.g. GME accreditation, CME best practices, etc.).

The following requirements must be met in order to submit a topic for consideration:
  1. Your availability and the availability of all presenters is such that the session can be conducted on any day of the AHME Institute so that the planning committee can insert the topic as they see fit on the agenda;
  2. All presenters agree to pay the speaker registration fee for the 2020 AHME Institute
  3. All presenters agree to pay their expenses related to making his/her presentation (preparation, travel, hotel stay, food, presentation materials, etc.)
Questions to address in Workshop Application:

Please use the electronic platform to submit a description of no more than two pages, including answers to the following questions.
  1. What is/are the professional practice gaps that you wish to address with your workshop? OR…what is the difference between the current competence/practice/outcome and the optimal or desired competence/practice/outcome that you wish to remedy with your workshop?
  2. What specific change(s) in competence, performance or education/accreditation outcome do you want to create through your session?
  3. What are the potential barriers (real or perceived) that might prevent our attendees from achieving the change you desire? How will/can your workshop address those barriers to change as well?
  4. What educational methods, formats, tools or approaches will you employ to facilitate the change and learning?
  5. What question(s) would you suggest we ask on your workshop's evaluation to be able to measure a change?
Deadline: The deadline to submit a Plenary/Workshop Session Application is July 2, 2019. Applicants whose workshops are selected will be notified in August. If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Sandi Parsons at 724-864-7321 or

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