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2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture
Call for Presentations

Deadline: February 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT.


The American Society of Landscape Architects is currently accepting proposals for the 2021 Conference on Landscape Architecture in Nashville, Tennessee, November 19-22, 2021.

The ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture is the largest gathering of landscape architects and allied professionals in the world—all coming together to learn, celebrate, build relationships, and strengthen the bonds of our incredibly varied professional community. We are looking for education proposals that will help to drive change in the field of landscape architecture and provide solutions to everyday challenges that are informed by research and practice.


  • 60- or 75-Minute Education Session: The standard education session with 50/60 minutes of presentation followed by 10/15 minutes of Q&A, maximum three speakers.
  • Deep Dive Session: Engaging, in-depth programs that explore specific landscape architecture topics, maximum five speakers. Deep dives are interactive sessions that can include lectures, hands-on learning, facilitated discussions and other creative audience engagement tools.
  • Field Session: Multiple speakers offer education combined with a field experience. Field sessions are organized through the host chapter. Please contact the host chapter committee leaders at


  • Please read the submission guide for the session type for which you plan to submit (linked under session formats).
  • The presentation submission and review process is managed through an online system, Abstract ScoreCard. ASLA members and returning users should use their unique ASLA ID or username and password below. If you forgot your password, please visit: Non-ASLA members should click “Begin Now” to get started.
  • Please login to the Abstract ScoreCard early. Your account will lock after three incorrect password submissions. If this happens, please contact Membership at directly to reset.
  • Upon submission, the submitter will receive an email confirmation.


  • Please limit the number of submissions to three per submitter.
  • Speakers will be asked to verify that they were submitted on no more than three sessions.
  • Landscape architecture professionals (graduates of a landscape architecture program recognized by ASLA) wishing to present at the Conference on Landscape Architecture need to be active members of ASLA.
  • Education session speakers selected from this process will receive a full complimentary registration to the Conference on Landscape Architecture.
  • Allied professionals are encouraged to both submit presentations and speak but are not required to be members of ASLA.


  • NEW:The conference education program will be organized by tracks. Before you submit, prepare by reviewing the 2021 tracks and descriptions. Submitters are required to select one education track and up to two leading topics within the track.
  • To coordinate proposals and network with potential speakers, we encourage you to use the CFP Google Group.
  • Speakers are encouraged to use the submission templates for 60- and 75- minute sessions, deep dives, and field sessions to collaborate on proposals before submitting. The templates provide descriptions of the required submission information and can be edited and shared.
  • Review the session descriptions, learning outcomes, and session guides from past conferences.


The selection process for the Conference on Landscape Architecture Education Program is competitive. Only one in four presentations will be selected. The ASLA Annual Conference Education Advisory Committee (ACEAC) reviews, evaluates, and scores submissions using the following criteria:
  • Relevance to the profession of landscape architecture
  • Clearly stated and achievable learning outcomes
  • Timeliness of the topic
  • Subject matter appeal
  • Appropriate audience type and expertise level (intermediate, advanced)
  • Speaker qualifications
  • Panel diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Content diversity, equity, and inclusion


January 6, 2021 Call for Presentations Opens
February 24, 2021 Deadline for submitting proposals (11:59 PM PST)
March 2021 ASLA Annual Conference Education Advisory Committee (ACEAC) evaluates proposals and makes recommendations
April 20-30, 2021 Selection notifications sent to proposers
November 19-22, 2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

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