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You may complete this online application to be considered as a candidate for the Fellows of the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (FAANA). Your application will be reviewed and evaluated by the Fellows Selection Committee. Consideration for Fellows of the AANA is open to any CRNA who is an Active (including Emeritus) member of AANA with an established career in nurse anesthesiology. The candidate must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

 Minimum of 10 years full-time professional experience acquired as a practitioner of nurse anesthesiology or as an educator/program director, facility leader, or business leader. 

 Minimum of 10 years of continuous certification in good standing as a CRNA.

 Minimum of 10 years of AANA membership at time of application (not including years as a student member).  

 Evidence or record of attending AANA conferences demonstrating a commitment to the association.

 Professional volunteer work with AANA and/or state association.

 Demonstrate outstanding achievements in nurse anesthesiology and leadership that command respect and recognition from other recognized leaders in the profession.

 Provide evidence of enduring, impactful professional achievements that demonstrate professional and personal growth and the use of innovative, creative solutions in at least one of the following categories:  

 Involvement in and service to the profession

 Excellence in clinical or professional practice

 Excellence in education

 Excellence in research

 Excellence in leadership or business 

 Advancement of the profession of nurse anesthesiology through advocacy, innovation or knowledge sharing

The application deadline is 11:59 PM CST on February 1, 2023. After this time the system will not allow you to start a new application, attach documents, modify or submit a saved application, or submit payment. Late submissions are not accepted. In order for an application to be considered “COMPLETE” all tasks/requirements of the application must be completed and full payment submitted before the deadline.


Please complete this online application to be considered as a candidate for the Fellows of the AANA program.

1. Complete all questions, providing all information as requested. 

2. List the most recent information first for all categories. 

3. Provide information requested in each category. Information provided, but not requested, will not be considered in your application review.

4. Do not attach copies of articles or other additional supporting material not specifically requested in the application. This material will not be considered in your application review. 

5. The entire application process is online. Emailed or physically mailed applications will not be accepted. 

In addition, the following must also be submitted:

 Two (2) essay submissions:

 Essay #1: 500-word maximum

 Essay #2: 300-word maximum

 Three (3) letters of recommendation with signatures. Each not to exceed two (2) pages in length

 A current curriculum vitae (CV), not to exceed 10 pages.

 The $250 application fee payable by credit card at the end of the application.

Additional Details:

Your application cannot be submitted without all required information. You can save your progress on this application at any time and return later to complete your submission. If you do, please note that you must fill out all fields on the current page or your changes will be lost.

Fellows inductee candidates are strongly encouraged to attend the induction ceremony held during the 2023 AANA Annual Congress in Seattle, WA; therefore, applicants are encouraged to register for the AANA Annual Congress as soon as registration opens.

All Fellows must maintain active AANA (includes Emeritus) membership and remain current in all dues obligations to both AANA and the Fellows of the AANA.

If an applicant is not selected as a Fellow, they may reapply and submit a new application with supporting documentation each year, as often as they choose. The application fee must accompany each new submission.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Sara Nelli, Program Manager, Fellows and Peer Assistance at or 847.655.1156

ALL applicants MUST use the FIRST-TIME Login when they access the Fellows Application site. Any subsequent logins back into the Fellows site can be done by entering your credentials as a RETURNING User.

Please note: If you have previously submitted an application you must begin the process anew for FY2023 as your login AND application information does not carry over.

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