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Pharmacy Education 2022 Posters

Welcome to the Submission Scorecard for the Pharmacy Education 2023 Poster Abstracts!


Poster Type


Research and Education Posters

February 24th

Trainee Poster Competition

February 24th

NIA Recipient Posters

March 31st

School Posters

March 31st

ALFP Debate Posters

April 24th

AACP Award

April 24th


To begin the process of submitting a poster abstract for Pharmacy Education 2023 please click 'Login' below. Please use your AACP member username email address to login to submit a poster abstract. Poster abstracts can be submitted under the following categories: Research and Education, Trainee Poster Competition, School Poster, NIA Award Recipient, ALFP Debate, Aspiring Academics or AACP Award Recipients.

Prior to submitting, please visit the Pharmacy Education 2023 Submission information page to review instructions, criteria, guidelines, and AJPE publication abstract guidelines to ensure you meet all the requirements for your poster abstract to be accepted.

All accepted Posters will be displayed at the Live Posters Gallery at the 2023 AACP Annual Meeting in Aurora, Colorado for two full days, on Sunday, July 23rd and Monday, July 24th. Designated time for presenting authors of each poster to be present by their respective posters will be communicated in June. Thank you!

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